Why Oppose?

Everyone has their own reasons for opposing this plan.  The following includes some of the more common objections:

  1. The complete lack of credibility in the Downs’ reasons for supporting this proposal suggests an alternate agenda. The Downs has told its members that they are committed to this project for concerns about safety and the environment, and to connect its campus and enhance the experience of its members.
  2. The tremendous inconvenience to the hundreds of people who use the road during the non-winter months.  Many of these people are the workers and trades people that build, service and maintain our homes and properties. For those of you wondering, on Monday, July 31, 2023, 549 vehicles traveled on Sutter Road.
  3. It will take additional precious time for emergency vehicles to reach their vital destinations at a time when seconds count.
  4. The current intersection with M-22 is over 800 feet from Crystal Lake and presents a large buffer zone for the property owners at that location. The proposed intersection reduces that distance by at least 50%. The path of M-22 travels downhill from that point to about 75 feet from Crystal Lake. It presents a greatly increased possibility of runoff from the road making its way into Crystal Lake. There will also be a significant impact of traffic and noise on the homes at that location
  5. The environmental and wildlife impact of the construction of the new road with a right of way that is 66 feet wide on a steep ridge in a densely wooded area including the loss of hundreds of trees.
  6. The loss of a beautiful stretch of road that many of us have enjoyed traveling along for decades.
  7. This is being proposed by a small group, few of which are full-time residents, solely for the benefit of Crystal Downs.