Benefits to Club

The Club publicly states that there are no future plans to develop any additional property to the east.  However, they have privately told their members that the driving range will be reconfigured and expanded.

The original proposal included the subdivision of property along the new road into 10 home sites that would be sold to pay for the cost of the new road.  When the Club originally acquired this property, it was required by the seller that they file a deed restriction that would prohibit the subdivision of the property and the construction of any residential, commercial or industrial buildings.  The Club removed this restriction in April.  When they were informed that what they were doing was not only a potential breach of contract with the seller, it but could also cause a lawsuit to be filed. Even if it wasn’t found to be a breach of the contract, it was definitely a breach of promise to the seller.  It is this type of action that causes me to not believe their claims that no further development of the property by adding additional amenities to the club will occur.

Expansion of the amenities for its members would be far easier if they did not have to cross a public road to access the 120 acres of undeveloped land the Club owns.  This creates a significant increase of value to the Club that will not not be reflected in their assessed property value and real estate tax bill.  In the email to the membership announcing the cancellation of the plan to subdivide and sell lots, the president wrote that “ We remain committed to relocating a portion of the road.  It is a plan that will improve safety, benefit the environment, connect our campus, and enhance the experiences of our members”.  I don’t know how you can enhance the experience without further development.

They will no longer have to be concerned about the potential liability of more damage or accidents involving the driving range.