Current Status

On September 5th, the Downs sent out a survey to its membership regarding the members’ thoughts and opinions on the project.  On September 22, the Downs sent an email to its members about the results of the survey.  The results of the survey as reported bby the Downs are summarized below:

1.  Number of members surveyed:  468

2.  Percentage of surveys completed and returned:  73%

3.  Response to question asking Do you generally support the idea of finding a way for the Club to relocate Sutter Road?  60% yes

4.  Percentage of respondents in favor of the current funding proposal (see Sutter Road Update #7)”  44%

Many respondents questioned various aspects of the proposal, including the evaluation of alternatives, using a significant amount of the unrestricted reserve funds, and the increase of initiation fees.

I can’t think of a better way to put it than to quote the email:

“The overall sentiment was that this was not a project the members were comfortable funding at this time through additional assessments or other increased charges.”

“Because there was insufficient support for the funding proposal presented to the membership, the Board will not be proceeding with the funding plan as presented. Instead, we will continue to work on funding options that would have less direct financial impact on members (current and future), and continue to explore alternatives to address all the safety issues identified.”

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