Support for Proposal

The general membership of the Club has not voted on whether to approve this action.  The only survey conducted asked how the project should be funded.  The members were asked if they favored selling the aforementioned lots or paying a special assessment.  In other words, they were polled to see if they wanted to pay for it from their own pockets or not.

This project is being put forth by the Board of Governors and the Long Range Planning Committee, a group of less than 20 members of the Club.  That’s less than 5 percent of the total membership.  Although they have the authority to do so, they have not sought out the opinions of the membership.

Reasons for Relocation

the Club alleges safety and environmental concerns about Sutter Road.  Their safety issues list  includes A) concerns for their maintenance employees in usingSutter Road to travel between their maintenance facilities at the top and bottom of the hill,  B) the fact that the drivers of large trucks making deliveries to the maintenance facility are worried when they have to back in to unload, and C) that the “back entrance” to the Club at the top of the hill is a dangerous intersection..  Their environmental concerns relate to water runoff from the road.